4.12.2011: First Feedback

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Problems encountered while trying to script

  • Crashes after 3-5 minutes.
  • Unnatural to use solid angle query. Would have wanted a "tell me who's within X meters of me".
  • Several quaternion functions are either broken or provided incorrect results.
  • We don't know JavaScript. Could we buy some JS books to help us out?
  • Want to support a more structured development cycle:
    • Save script.
    • Load script into entity.
    • Modify script.
    • Reset entity to script.
    • What is the ui flow?
    • Can you replay?
  • It's irritating to enter "new util." to create new Vec3s and Quaternions. Nicer syntax would be appreciated.
  • Want to print the fields/methods of presences.
  • For a one-off solid angle query, will the system tell me that I have received all visibles? How will I know if there are more to come?
  • It would be nice to be able to use multiple movement buttons at the same time.
  • Documentation for Emerson files is still missing.
  • Intel graphics cards still render super-slowly.
  • Mac build isn't working.
  • My presence stops moving if I hit a key up.