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This is the roadmap and brainstorm for development

Assigned Tasks

  • B scripter GUI (improvements to interface)
  • B/E V8 closures (fix storage of functions in v8 to save closure as well as function text)
  • E/J CDN support for music (serve music files as well as meshes)



  • Backups of OH data

Demo World

  • Repository for world-specific scripts (avatar script, anything we expect to be in there by default).
  • Build a nice demo scene, large enough to require some exploration to see it all.
  • Scripts for building into package (i.e. all the data required to support Sirikata URIs
  • Get a few good, tested avatars on the CDN and get the default demo avatar to use these simple animations well

System Features

  • Space
    • Physics improvements -- get avatars on terrain working well
    • Generate collision event messages for objects, maybe based on subscription request
  • CDN
    • Expose progressive meshes
  • OH
    • Progressive mesh loading
    • Improve Emerson storage -- make it much easier to interface and get a persistent object
    • Improve object manipulation interface (could be in deployment specific code, i.e. under Demo World)
    • Object migration between OHs
    • Fix closures/provide full snapshotting (timers/register handlers/etc)
    • libmesh filters should not strip animations (eg. check if joints before collapsing two vertices).
    • Playing multiple animations at once (blend/interpolation)
    • Exposing physics collisions to Emerson.
    • Fix Gui isolation
    • Better OH connection failure handling
    • Reduce Emerson memory usage


  • Storage tutorial
  • Sandbox tutorial
  • Getting started with demo, maybe just update getting started for users since a lot of steps can be avoided when someone provides the configuration for you.
  • Simple demo videos showing how to join and interact with the world/other users.

Long-term Goals & Research

  • Add audio support (purely OH-based to support, e.g. simple sound effects and local voice chat, then consider adding mixing support to the space server).
  • Load balancing objects across object hosts
  • Distributed physics -- extend physics to work with objects including boundaries
  • Mesh/object aggregation
  • Multicast
  • New transport abstractions targeted at VWs (e.g. last reliable)