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''If you are a developer interested in becoming involved with Sirikata then you are most welcome and in the right place''
#REDIRECT [[Getting Started for Platform Developers]]
The core of Sirikata is a platform for building virtual world applications.  This means that we don't produce any single virtual world and there is no resulting "product."  Sirikata, at its core, is a set of interfaces and protocols for building virtual worlds.  We also implement many of these interfaces, some with multiple variations to support the demands of different applications. 
Here are your first steps in getting involved:
# [[Communication]] describes ways developers stay in touch so this is what you need to know to get help
# [[System Architecture|Architecture]] is a great place to learn about the Sirikata system
# [[Source Code|Source Code]] helps you understand how to get and build the code
# [[Subsystems|Subsystems]] is a place to understand the directory layout of our repository
# [[Coding_Standards|Style Guide]] Tells you how to format your code so we have a consistent, readable codebase
# [[Contributing|How Can I Contribute?]] Learn about a number of ways to get involved
If you're not sure what you want to help out with yet, this process above should hopefully give you some ideas, and the [[CodingProjects|coding projects]] projects page or a discussion on the [http://groups.google.com/group/platformtalk developer list] can help you pin down exactly what to work on.

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