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Developers stay in touch via a number of mechanisms

Mailing List

The Developer List is open for all to join and our archives are public. Use for discussion about the platform architecture, protocols, and implementations. Patch sets can also be sent to this list for review and application if you do not have commit access.

The sirikata-commits list gets automated commit emails from the main Sirikata repository.


Our IRC channel is #sirikata on and we keep open logs. This is used for real time discussion with developers - quick questions, detailed questions about code, etc.

If you have never used IRC then the Wikipedia article on IRC gives a good overview


We have a bug database where we track bugs and feature requests. This is the best place to report bugs, although you may also want to email the developer list for particularly important bugs or feature requests, and especially for merge requests or patches.

Carefully constructed bug reports and responses to requests for additional information or tests are crucial to getting bugs fixed. At a minimum, bug reports should include

  • The version or revision number which the bug was discovered on. Bonus points if you can track down the revision that introduced the problem.
  • The platform you are working on.
  • The features you have turned on and/or plugins you have loaded.
  • A minimal test case if applicable, or a minimal set of steps needed to reproduce the problem.
  • A backtrace if you are reporting a crash and can obtain one.

We appreciate your attention to detail.