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Note These are the default keybindings and may fall out of date. However, they are a good starting point. If you notice something has changed, please update this page.


  • Left-click - select object (or deselect if you click the background)
  • Left-drag - move selected object
  • Left-drag + ctrl - rotate selected object
  • Left-drag + alt - scale selected object


  • Escape - quit
  • w/a/s/d - forward/strafe left/backward/strafe right
  • q/z - move up/down vertically
  • up/down - move forward/back
  • left/right - rotate left/right
  • up/down + shift - rotate up/down
  • s + alt - open scripting window/tab for selected object
  • s + ctrl - open scripting window for yourself
  • i - take screenshot

Scripting UI

The scripting UI has some special keybindings beyond those provided by the editor/UI window.

  • Shift+Return - run the entered commands
  • Shift+PageUp / Shift+PageDown - forward/back in history. This lets you edit and rerun recent commands.


If you want to check the most up to date bindings, see the default graphics script in liboh/plugins/js/scripts/std/graphics/default.em.

The input for UI is handled independently by the browser that runs the UI. This code is specified in the various UI elements under libproxyobject/plugins/ogre/data/. For example, the scripting UI code is found in libproxyobject/plugins/ogre/data/scripting/prompt.js.