Getting Started for Application Developers

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Application developers create virtual objects and write scripts for them, making the world more than just a flat, lifeless scene. We call them application developers because they create "applications" within the world -- collections of interacting objects which together create interesting behaviors and interactive experiences for other users. For example, you might create a flock of birds, a virtual store, or game of assassins.

  • Application developers write code directly in a Sirikata client, so an application developer should follow the same directions as a user to get started. See the user starting page.
  • The Application Developer's Guide gives a complete overview of developing applications in Sirikata. It includes:
    • Tutorials which get you started by giving step by step instructions to build a few simple scripts.
    • Terminology which is used throughout all the documentation, referring to the underlying system and Emerson's binding to it.
    • Emerson Language Reference gives full details on Emerson syntax and built-in types.