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Q. When can I start using Sirikata?


Q. What license is the Sirikata source code released under?

A. The main body of our code is BSD licensed. Sirikata does consist of lots of software under different open licenses see a full breakdown (create page with list of libraries and licenses)

Q. Which platforms does Sirikata run under?

A. Windows, Mac & Linux.

Q. Is there a list of software you leverage for Sirikata?


For Developers

Q. How do I become involved in Sirikata development?

A. The Platform Developers starting page is a great place to start.

Q. I am having problems compiling the system what should I do?

A. The Source Code page helps you understand how to get and build the code.

Q. What is the preferred platform for Sirikata developers?

A. Most developers run the Ubuntu Linux distribution but both Mac and Windows works just fine.

Q. How should I report bugs?

A. We don't have an issue tracker in place yet, so please send to the developer list for now.

Q. What programming language do you develop Sirikata in?

A. C++

For Content Creators

Q. How do I import content into Sirikata?

A. Content Creation explains how to import and handle content in Sirikata.

Q. What tools should I use for creating content for Sirikata?

A. Our import temporary pipeline goes 3Ds Max > Sirikata, but if you can get your content into 3Ds Max then the path is clear. Content Creation has the details. We are actively working on a COLLADA pipeline that should make all this much nicer. Stay tuned!

Q. How can I manipulate content once inside Sirikata?

A. We have functionality to let you move, rotate and scale content. Over time we plan to have a fully fledged build tool implementation.