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Sirikata currently supports COLLADA as its primary format. COLLADA is an open interchange format specification for 3D models and many packages come with exporters or have free plugins adding COLLADA export functionality. The pages below explain how to work with various content creation packages and then export your assets in a format Sirikata understands.

Note that the features supported are constantly evolving, but most of the data in this guide should remain relevant. However, you may find outdated references, for example using older plugins than are currently available or using a subset of the features currently supported in Sirikata clients.

The following steps are listed in order, and will guide you through creating content:

Questions for any of the above? Try asking on the art list

Offline Version

Note These guides are outdated. However, we preserve them here because much of the information in them is still relevant -- they deal with the content creation tools, e.g. how to setup materials that will work well in Sirikata.

You can also download a version of the guide as a PDF with example files for you to test.