Basic Demo World

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The basic demo world (click here to launch with slauncher) is a small server containing the Melville sample deployment. It has:

  • A client with a scripted chat interface. You'll be prompted for a username when the world starts.
  • A simple scene containing a few buildings.
  • A building (the tall one you start in front of) which generates objects on our server (so they will remain in the world after you close your client).
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Some controls:

  • Move around with the arrow keys or AWSD.
  • Hit 'c' to move into third person view.
  • Click the tall building and hit enter to create a new object. Select the object and hit Alt+S to open the scripting window.
  • Hit Ctrl+S to script your own avatar.

This world is intended to let you try out the system and experiment with scripting. You might be interested in some scripting tutorials after you get up and running. Beware that objects you create aren't persistent: this is just a sandbox which we might restart periodically.

Having trouble connecting to the world or something doesn't look right? Please let us know.