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Platform Developers Starting Page

Sirikata Platform Developers

The core of Sirikata is a platform for building virtual world applications. This means that we don't produce any single virtual world and there is no resulting "product." Sirikata, at its core, is a set of interfaces and protocols for building virtual worlds. We also implement many of these interfaces, some with multiple variations to support the demands of different applications. If you're interested in building an application on top of Sirikata, for example a game, by writing scripts for objects and using Sirikata's infrastructure to handle things like user logins, content distribution, and rendering, then you are an Application Developer. Sirikata is in its early stages and not quite ready for applications to be built on top of it yet.

If you're interested in helping define these interface and protocols as well as building implementations of them, then you're in the right place. This page describes how the project is setup, how to get in touch with the developers, and how to start contributing.


If you want to contribute code then please join our dev list or read our open archives. You can catch us on IRC at #sirikata on

Working with Sirikata

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to become involved you can check out our coding projects.

Source Code

Find out how to get and build the code. Our code is hosted on Github. If you are a developer and brave you can check out our Dev Preview protoype


This 25 min. video gives a high level overview over the Sirikata system architecture.


  • We are starting a discussion on how to implement distributed physics on our space servers.
  • We have just concluded a discussion on the type system used in messages and network wire formats.
  • This is the resulting Protocol sirikata will use as it stands. We encourage discussion about these builtin commands.