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== What is Sirikata? ==
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Sirikata is a BSD-licensed open source platform for virtual worlds. Sirikata lets anyone create and deploy a custom virtual world. Check out some [http://vimeo.com/sirikata videos] to learn more.
== Getting Started with Sirikata ==
Want to connect to a Sirikata virtual world to interact with others? Then you're an '''User'''. Get started at the [[Getting_Started_for_Users|user starting page.]]
Want to start creating and scripting objects? Then you're an '''Application Developer'''. Get started at the [[Getting_Started_for_Application_Developers|application developer starting page]].
Want to create content for the world (models and avatars)? Then you're an '''Artist'''. Get started at the [[Getting_Started_for_Artists|artist starting page.]]
Want to extend Sirikata's functionality (add a new scripting language, a different physics simulation, or better rendering)? Then you're a '''Platform Developer'''. Get Started at the [[Getting_Started_for_Platform_Developers|platform developer's starting page.]]
The ''Getting Started'' pages have links for different mailing lists, IRC, and other modes of communication specific to the type of question or request. You can also mail the [http://groups.google.com/group/open-platform-community general mailing list].

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