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<big>''Welcome to the Sirikata Wiki</big>
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== What is Sirikata? ==
* Sirikata is an BSD licensed open source platform for virtual worlds.  We aim to provide a set of libraries and protocols which can be used to deploy a virtual world, as well as fully featured sample implementations of services for hosting and deploying these worlds.
* We are aiming for an alpha release in Q2 2009 and this [http://vimeo.com/3352008 video teaser] should give you some sense of what to expect.
== Community ==
Join our [http://groups.google.com/group/open-platform-community community mailing list] or read [http://groups.google.com/group/open-platform-community/topics our open archives].  Some community members, especially developers, hang out on [[IRC|IRC]].
==== Platform Developers ====
Sirikata is a platform for building virtual world applications such as games, meeting spaces, and social worlds.  Platform developers work on Sirikata itself, creating the infrastructure and plugins used by applications to run the world.  Applications developers then glue the necessary components together and can focus on any additional policies and scripting needed to run their world.
Sirikata is a large, complicated project with many components.  Check out the [[Platform Developers|Platform Developers starting page]] to find out how to get and build the code, learn about Sirikata's architecture, and get involved in it's development.
==== Artists ====
Our artists communicate on our [http://groups.google.com/group/sirikata-art-list art list]. Check out the [http://groups.google.com/group/sirikata-art-list/topics open archives].
Documentation on how to import art into Sirikata is pending. For now check out the video [http://vimeo.com/3324273 Sirikata from a content creator's point of view]
==== Application Developers ====
Sirikata is still in its early stages.  While we are not able to target specific applications yet, we would like to open a dialog with potential users (that is, those who would develop a world on the Sirikata platform).  Please join the list to join the conversation on our our [http://groups.google.com/group/open-platform-community community mailing list].
==== Events ====
[[Events|Some events have been organized focusing on the development and use of Sirikata]].
Henrik Bennetsen - bennetsen AT gmail DOT com

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