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This is a list of applications that might be interesting to build in a virtual world using the Emerson scripting language. Add more. If it takes a while to describe them, then create a new page for them.

  • A taxi service
  • A bulletin board that renders live twitter streams
  • A language-learning game, possibly integrated with other applications for maximum immersiveness
  • A game of Assassins, Fugitives, or Humans vs. Zombies.
  • Collaborative music creation using uploaded sound and MIDI files, ideally with an in-world MIDI editor.
  • A collaborative graffiti wall. The principle could be extended to allow users to edit the texture of many objects in-world by "painting" directly on their surfaces.
  • Ability to display YouTube videos as textures on objects
  • Clientside ambient weather effects that predict local weather by 24 hours
  • Time-of-day effects in the skybox. Could be integrated with, e.g. an astronomy application that would label planets and constellations. This would require giving the world some simulated location on Earth.
  • Parametric humanoid avatar creation, similar to the process of creating a Mii.
  • Basic rigid-body physics engine.
  • Portals that allow avatars to quickly travel between points in the world. Some form of visual connectivity (allowing one to look through the portal as in the eponymous game) would also be desirable, but may not be possible for long-distance portals given the architecture of Meru (?).