Installing and Running Sirikata on Windows

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This guide is targeted at artists working with Sirikata

The windows version of Sirikata requires you to install:

After this is done proceed with these steps:

  1. For 32-bit users: Go to C:\Program Files\ and create a Sirikata folder. Skip to step 3.
  2. For 64-bit users: Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\ and create a Sirikata folder.
  3. Go to and download the latest build of Sirikata.
  4. Open the .zip file and go down one directory to get to the folder which contains sirikata.bat.
  5. Copy the contents of this folder into the Sirikata folder you created.
  6. If you have an older version of Sirikata installed already, give Windows permission to overwrite the files.
  7. Delete the file ogre.cfg.
  8. Double click sirikata.bat and let it load. Do not close the cmd.exe, the DOS window running in the background.
  9. A configuration screen should appear, titled OGRE Engine Rendering Setup and choose the correct options. (See Fig )
    1. Rendering Subsystem: Direct3D 9 Rendering Subsystem
    2. Anti-aliasing: Whatever your GPU can handle
    3. Full Screen: No
    4. Video Mode: Whatever resolution your monitor and GPU can handle
  10. Click “OK.” The settings window will close and Sirikata will open.
  11. It can take as long as a couple of minutes for the engine to load. Be patient.