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Browsing the Code

Our project is hosted in a GitHub repository. You can browse the source online by visiting the Sirikata project page.

Getting the Full Tree

Get git

We use git for source code version control. First be sure that you have git installed. You can find packaged and source downloads for all platforms here. On Windows you most likely want to install the msysgit variant. On Linux you can likely use a package directly from your distribution.

If you want to develop Sirikata you should familiarize yourself with git. Git's documentation page provides a lot of good starting points.

Check out the code

If you're checking out the code anonymously, use the public clone url. Move to where you want to check out the code and issue the command

 git clone git:// [dest_directory]

If you are a developer, you can use the secure clone URL. Once you have given GitHub your public key for authentication, you can issue the command.

 git clone [dest_directory]

In this case you will also be able to push your results back to our repository.

You should now have all the code in a directory called sirikata. Now you probably want to build it.