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Most likely, you will be creating content for Sirikata with a group of artists. While Sirikata is a great environment for solo work, it is important for organizational reasons to keep your content structured; if you are in a group project, it is imperative. Because of this, it is highly suggested that you keep these folders at the top directory of your hard drive (C:). An example path would be C:\sirikatacontent\. This is so that if you transfer your files to another person in your group you will not run into any file path issues within 3ds Max or your other programs. It also makes it easier for you to find files, as there is always a designated place for that file. This system can potentially save you, or your group members, hours of work.

Sample Folder and File Structure


  • The system, platform, engine and everything once it is imported.


  • Where all documentation exists for Sirikata, Pipeline, Tutorials, etc.


  • Primary asset storage area for use by content designers, this resides separately and is before final import to Sirikata.


  • The top directory for models. Every model will have its own folder within the directory.


  • Where all exported scenes go, the folder of the export and its accompanying files (/ash_01/ash_01.scene ash_01/materials etc) These folders within are ready to be dragged directly into Sirikata.


  • Finalized Textures ready for import, and to be used during material creation within Max.


  • Type deliniates the type of texture, this is purely for ease of storage use for artists as once the export is complete, the texture resides within its corresponding mesh folder, under materials.


  • The massive folder utilized for working on textures, texture references, photos and all collage references for each project.


  • Each new folder will be the storage location for import directly into Sirikata. (Ex. /Kunst/ for the Speed Limits Kunst museum project).


  • Future useage for scripting, maybe CVS files can reside here?


  • Not to be confused by Utilities, this is where we drop photoshop brushes, config files, palet files, etc.


  • All utilities that we are permitted to redistribute that are required by content designers (ogre exporter, dds plugin, etc)