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To get the Elysia object host building you need the following items

1) Download msysgit but read step 2 and 3 before installing http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/detail?name=Git-

2) During the installer, for the first question, select the middle option "Run git from windows command line"

3) For the second question about CRLF keep the top (default) option (convert to unix linefeeds when committing)

4) Go to the start menu, Program Files, Git and select "Git bash"

5) in the bash prompt type ssh-keygen

hit enter through every option (don't bother with a password, the consequence is that someone could commit code to github if your laptop were stolen)

6) find c:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\.ssh\id_rsa.pub or in Vista/Windows 7 it may be c:\Users\yourusername\.ssh\id_rsa.pub and open it up in a text editor

7) Make a new account at http://github.com

8) browse to http://github.com/elysia/elysia and click fork in the top right

9) go to account settings, and add a public key-- copy and paste the text from id_rsa.pub into github interface

10) Download and install tortoisegit http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/

Make sure to select using openssh.exe instead of putty and tell it the path to msysgit at c:\Program Files\git\bin\

11) right click where you want to check out the data from and choose

git clone...

type in


and then it should check out the data

12) open up the elysia folder

right click on blank space and do TortoiseGit -> "Submodule Update"

13) load up CMake GUI http://www.cmake.org/cmake/help/runningcmake.html

Select both source and build directories to be elysia\brain\build

Make sure the output target is "Visual Studio 9 2008"

then click configure twice

then generate

then quit

14) load brain.sln up in visual studio and build it

15) the output should be in elysia\brain\build\Debug or Release

copy the files (dll's) from elysia\externals\win32depends\bin to elysia\brain\build\Debug and elysia\brain\build\Release These will allow the graphics system to run (and would have been necessary with svn as well)

now you can run

brainsandbox_d -test

you should see