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On, all relevant files are located in /disk/local/sirikata/bskata/, and the rest assumes that you cd-d to this directory.

To update code:

 git pull origin master:master

To re-build:

(From root directory or build/cmake)

 make -j6

To run space:

Open a screen session.

cd /disk/local/sirikata/bskata/build/cmake

  • general:
     ./space_d --servermap-options=--port=6880
  • with physics on:
     ./space_d --servermap-options=--port=6880 --loc=bulletphysics
  • with no separate static and dynamic trees:
     ./space_d --servermap-options=--port=6880 --prox.split-dynamic=false
  • with gdb around it:
     gdb --args <command you were going to run>

To run OH on sns30:

Open a screen session. cd /disk/local/sirikata/bskata/build/cmake

  • pointed at your own db:
     ./cppoh_d --object-factory-opts=--db=<path to your db file> " --port=6880"
  • pointed at a basic small town + birthing tower db (note: requires physics to look "right")
     ./cppoh_d --object-factory-opts=--db=demo.db " --port=6880"
  • to run with gdb:
     gdb --args <command you were going to run>


Please don't modify the following files for your own testing, everyone uses them: