3ds Max 9 Setup

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  1. Open 3ds Max 9 and go to Customize > Units Setup. Under Display Unit Scale, select the “Metric” bubble and choose “Meters” from the dropdown menu. Click “OK.”
  2. Go to Customize > Preferences and select the “Viewports” tab. Under Display Drivers, choose “Configure Driver…” A pop-up called “Configure Direct3D” should appear.
  3. In the pop-up, check “Enable Anti-Aliased Lines in Wireframe Views” under Appearance Preferences, and “Match Bitmap Size as Close as Possible” under both Background Texture Size and Download Texture Size. Set the sizes to their highest values, 1024 and 512 respectively. Click OK.
  4. Now, go to the “Files” tab. If you’re not very organized, you will want to turn on “Increment on Save,” which will save each file as 01, 02, etc. Turn on Auto Backup and enter the settings below.

BUG: The Ogre Exporter creates the file MaxStartUI.mnu whenever 3ds Max is closed. This bug is documented in the Troubleshooting for Ogre Exporter section. Until this bug is fixed, the user must delete MaxStartUI.mnu or 3ds Max will crash on start up.